Prospective Client Information

If you’d like to hire The Anderson Law Firm, please call us for a free consultation.

Be ready to explain:

  1. What kind of product you purchased.
  2. What is wrong with it.
  3. How many times you’ve sought repairs.
  4. The outcome of those repairs.

After an initial consultation, please gather the following documents:

  1. The purchase contract or lease agreement for your vehicle or product.
  2. The warranty booklet or statement.
  3. Every repair order and repair invoice for repair attempts.  If you are missing any repair orders, then get a separate sheet of paper for each repair order that is missing and write the following on it:  (1) the date you sought repairs, (2) what you complaint about, (3) the date you received your vehicle/product back, (4) what the dealer told you they did to repair it, and (5) whether the repair was successful.
  4. Any written correspondence you have between you and anyone about your product/vehicle.  If you had an oral communications, please write down the date, time, and method of communication and the substance of the communication on a separate sheet of paper for each communication.
  5. Any other documents that you think might be important to your case.

Make copies of all of the documents and mail or deliver the documents to:

The Anderson Law Firm
2070 N. Tustin Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705