Stuff We Like

Save Money  Mobile phone service at 50% off, with no contracts.  $6.00 per month per line + actual usage with no punitive overages.  Uses Sprint and Verizon’s network.  Use the link here to get a $25.00 discount on your phone (we get a $25.00 referral fee too).

MVNO/Prepaid Wireless FAQ:  Get rid of your mobile contract and save hundreds of dollars a month on your mobile phone service.  Find the best gas prices in your area.  Android and iOS app available to find cheap gas from your mobile phone.

Fatwallet:  A great online forum for saving money.

GoodRX:  Don’t fill your prescriptions without checking this web-site.

California Unclaimed Property:  See if the State of California has your money.


Keepass:  Free, open source software for keeping track of all your passwords.

Wikipedia:  The world’s best encyclopedia is free to everyone.  But, if you have the means, you should make a donation.

Wifi:  How do you choose the right Wifi Channel?  Read this Guide to find out.

Our Favorite Android Apps:  1Weather, tinyCam, Wifi Analyzer, DoggCatcher Podcast Player,, GPS Test, NPR Player, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Uber, Lyft, Gmail, and Google Maps.

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC):  The best way to watch TV or video.

OpenELEC:  The easiest way to install Kodi (fka XBMC) on a computer that you will use as a dedicated media center.  You can find a great guide on how to install and use XBMC here.


Home Audio/Entertainment:

URC RF20 Universal Remote Control:  One remote to rule them all!  This Universal Remote can control your TV, Cable/Satellite Box, DVD Player, and more.


Packing Cubes:  Organize your stuff, in your luggage, briefcase, backpack, etc.

Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones:  An absolute must-have when travelling by airplane.  While they don’t do anything for the sounds of crying babies, they almost completely eliminate the drone of the jet engines.  This makes it easier to hear what you want to listen to at a lower volume.  It also makes the overall trip far less stressful.

Sennheiser Noise Canceling Headphones:  An economical alternative to the Bose (but nowhere near as good).


X-Grip Mobile Phone Mount (Cup Holder):  Mount your mobile phone to your cup holder.

X-Grip Mobile Phone Mount (Suction Cup):  Mount your mobile phone to your window using a suction cup mount.

Home Park-It:  Set it in your garage to keep your car from running into your wall.

Portable Jump-Starter:  This should come as standard equipment on every car.

Philips X-treme Power Headlight Bulbs:  Almost twice as bright as the bulbs that came with your car.

Home Automation:

In Wall Scheduled Timer Switch:  Automate lights that are controlled by a wall switch.

Plug-in Scheduled Timer Switch:  Automate lights that are plugged into a wall.

In Wall Countdown Timer Switch:  Never leave the lights on again!

Motion sensing light switch:  Lights come on automatically when you enter the room.


Aastra 6737i:  The best VOIP Phone money can buy.


Lego City Train:  A remote controlled Lego train that actually moves!  Hours of fun with the kids!

Blade Nano QX Remote Controlled Quad-Copter:  A flying radio controlled helicopter for use indoors.

Blade 200 QX Remote Controlled Quad-Copter:  A flying radio controlled helicopter for use outdoors.

Blade DX6i Remote Control:  Remote control for the Nano QX and 200 QX.


Aviation Safety:  Things you should know before you fly.


Costco:  The best retail store in the United States.  The best e-tail store in the United States.